Pregnancy Testing – Medical grade test, quick and accurate.

Options Information – Includes Parenting, Adoption and Abortion

Ultrasounds – 1st Trimester scan to confirm size, placement and gestational age. Printed photo included for you to take home.

STD Testing – Tests included the two most common infections, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Positive tests include free treatment for you and a prescription for your partner.

Parenting Education – From what to expect during pregnancy, birth and infant care to the exciting world of toddler tantrums.

Baby Boutique – Parenting Education earns you points to spend in our baby store. This is an easy way to stock up on essential baby items for free. We also provide diapers, wipes and formula

Sexual Risk Avoidance and Safe Relationship Classes – Aimed at teens and pre-teens, this presentation answers their questions in a way they can understand and helps them to plan for their futures. If you would like to find out more email Marcia @

Post Abortion Recovery Support – Meet with other ladies facing physical or emotional difficulties stemming from a past abortion and work toward healing with women who have been there. This group is confidential! You can get info by texting Betty @ 360-401-9493 or Celia @ 360-556-0841.